<aside> 🏎️ So you’ve most likely landed on this page from a post announcing the new name, PeopleWho 🚀! This is a huge milestone and we’re super excited about it. Let me take you a few weeks back through the journey and what eventually drew us to this name. We promise, it's not that we didn't listen to you from the polls!


The name PeopleWho is an embodiment of greatness within Africa. Great people doing great things, connecting to great opportunities - whether it’s people who design, people who research, people who build products. That is who we are.

🥜 In a nutshell

Last month we knew it was time to give this project a name. This is always a daunting task because of all the things that could go wrong.

Anyways we still had to do it! With the plans that we have for this project even beyond the directory & job board, this was a priority.

We immediately set up a few naming workshops (Source: Twitter) and got to work. I’ll give you a run down of how we did this:

🎪 The Name dump exercise

Stage 1

The first stage was basically taking 15 mins for both of us to come up with as many words or phrases that we thought resonated with the project. I took about 10 of those 15 mins to really get moving.

Stage 2

Then, after the 15 minutes were over, we eliminated as many of them that we had second thoughts about. Some were hilarious, really corny, or just plain bad! (We've even attached some of them below).